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Vaginal tampons from Baldones sludge

Vaginal tampons from Baldones sludge
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Model: Tampons
Manufacturer: Baldones Veselības fonds-FG
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High organic mud harmonizes vagina micro flora, bonds pathogenic micro flora, intensifies cell resistance, it has anti irritation and regenerating qualities. Effi cient in cases of womb appendage, diff erent etiological irritation processes, endometryte, erosion of nex of womb, menstruation dysfunction and pain. Excellent for cure of urogenital disease. It is effi cient to combine cure in cases of bacterial vaginitis, micro plasm, trichonoma etc. Normalizes pH level.


Before procedure perform purgative enema. Put frilled tube in a hot glass of water 50ºC to 60ºC for 3 minutes, remove protective cover and put tampon in vagina pushing the frilled tube, leave it for 40 minutes, then wash with warm water. It is recommended to use tampons every second day 12 times as a course.

Package contents
8 tampons/box
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